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Reel Rookie

What happened to Tour of Duty??

I've been watching and enjoying the series Tour of Duty of the last few weeks.  The last time I watched an episode was Friday June 30, 2023 but when I tried to resume viewing on Saturday July 1, 2023, it's missing from my "Continue Viewing" selection.

Even when I search for Tour of Duty, it's no longer showing up as a selection.

So what happened where I can no longer view Tour of Duty???

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Reel Rookie

Re: What happened to Tour of Duty??

Looks like it disappeared just like my Malcolm in the Middle.

Glad I bought the DVD’s of Tour, even got me a UK series of it, which has the real music in it. Just paid not much on Amazon and bought a dvd player that plays all regions. 

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Not applicable

Re: What happened to Tour of Duty??

@GTC   most likely contract for the shows rights expired 6/30/2023. It happens. Might be back, might not, Just how it goes.

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Roku Guru

Re: What happened to Tour of Duty??

Series come and go all the time as rights change, or are just contracted for a limited time. If you are talking about the Roku Channel, it would be nice if they could add an "Available until xx/xx/xx" to the program pages.

Typically, look for things to change at the beginning of a month.

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