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Twitch TV app, willing to pay for one

I probably watch Twitch TV 40% of the time when I am watching online streaming.  I moved to Roku after trying both Google TV (amazing interface, picture isn't as brilliant as Apple) and Apple TV (amazing picture, hate the remote).  The one app that Roku appears to be missing is Twitch TV.  Is there a plan get one or should I just count my losses and go back to either Google or Apple?

Yes, I would be willing to pay for a Twitch TV app if it is good.

Roku Guru

Re: Twitch TV app, willing to pay for one

Searching around, I found this.

“When Amazon discontinued the Twitch app from the Roku Channel Store, Roku users who already had the app installed were still able to use it.”

So, if you want to pay to get it back, I guess you should tell Amazon, since they own Twitch.  You can also try some of the workarounds on that page, though things like that are less likely to work over time, and that page is over a year old.

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