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Screen on older shows is now only 1/2 and not full screen

On my Roku Ultra I was watching Dallas the tv show full screen like always and grabbed the remote looking off talking to someone and hit multiple buttons and finally got it paused. I hit play to start watching again and it’s only 1/2 screen. I paused again and went to display type and it’s on automatic 1080p. I only use the Roku remote even for turning the tv off and on. it’s a new Samsung tv and the factory remote is put away. 
So far I have disconnected the Roku ultra from the back of the tv unplugged tv from power source then plugged both back in. No change. Have restarted, no change. Have updated, no change.

I’ve check other older shows i watch like Miami Vice, Airwolf, etc and they are all now 1/2 screen where an hour ago before this incident they were all full screen. I’ve also paused and brought up the side menus and can’t find anything to do with the picture going full screen. 
on any newer show or commercial it’s full screen like normal. 
I don’t want to factory reset. Someone please help. 


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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Screen on older shows is now only 1/2 and not full screen

Hi @ronniecoles1144,

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We understand that you have display issues on your Roku device and thanks for letting us know what troubleshooting steps you've done so far. In order to assist you further, please reply to this email and let me know the following information.

  • Do you have this issue on all channels including the Roku home screen?
  • If yes, try removing the channel that you are experiencing the issue with from the Roku home screen. Then, disconnect your device from power for a minute. Plug it back in, then try to add the channel back once more and see if this clears up the issue. 
  • Can you please attach a screenshot showing this display?
  • Have you tried taking a look here in our Support resources and following the steps to see any difference? How to change the display type on your Roku streaming player | Official Roku Support

Please keep us posted and we'll continue assisting you from there.

Best regards,

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