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Roku 4: Disney+ Will No Longer Work After 5/30

In the last week when opening Disney+ on my Roku 4 I get a warning text box that Disney+ will stop working on this Roku device after 5/30/23 and to continue to access it I need to upgrade to a newer device.

Anyone else get this message? If so what device?

I have four Rokus in my home, a 3, a Premiere+, an Ultra, and the 4, none of the others including the older 3 display this warning so it's something specific to the 4. The 4 has always been a bit of a let down from a user experience standpoint (had technical issues with it on my home theater setup so it got replaced by the Ultra) so I'm not attached to it but it's weird that it is being singled out.

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Re: Roku 4: Disney+ Will No Longer Work After 5/30

It's being singled out by Disney because Roku is dropping (if they haven't already) support for the Roku 4 (model 4400).  Roku 4 devices will not be getting the v12.0 update.  You can see the list of Roku model numbers (model numbers are always better than model names) and their current status at:

Hardware specifications | Roku Developer

If you haven't already, you should get an email about the Roku 4 from Roku.

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Re: Roku 4: Disney+ Will No Longer Work After 5/30

Hi @kanhji6!

Thank you for your first post at the Roku Community!

We wanted to shed some light here to try and help.

Unfortunately, Roku 4 (4400x) is a deprecated device and won't receive the newest OS version (Roku OS 12.0). You can find our release notes and a list of supported devices here: Roku OS software release notes.

To continue watching Disney+, you'll need to grab a new device. Not to worry, check your Roku offers for any deals or upgrade offers under Or, reach out to me directly for an upgrade offer.

If you need more assistance, don't hesitate to send us a private message here.

Best regards,


Carly Y.
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Re: Roku 4: Disney+ Will No Longer Work After 5/30

The Roku 4 has a unique processor and architecture not shared with other models. Some older models are still supported because they are similar enough to newer models. I would recommend the Express 4K+ as a replacement if you don't need wired Ethernet. I just replaced my 4 with one in a bedroom. It's faster than the 4, and almost the same as the Ultra in my living room. Amazon has it on sale for US$29.99.

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