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Reel Rookie

Re: Hulu no longer supporting my Roku model

In these hard times WHY am I being FORCED to buy a new device just to watch tv?! I get making revenues is the priority, but so should costumer care/satisfaction. I've had Roku device since 2009 and I have 3 Roku devices, but only one works with all needed apps...what do! #loveurcostumers

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Hulu no longer supporting my Roku model

@Oxynaug30 That's a decision that was made by Hulu (or whatever provider you're referring to), not Roku. Of course hardware is going to improve each year. But it's the provider that decides how old of equipment they want to support. With time passing, the provider must determine what level of support they wish to continue providing for older devices. Also, newer devices allow them to make their app/channel perform better or offer new features that the older devices can't handle. So it's a business decision they have to make.

You might notice that many of the newer channels, such as HBO Max or Disney+ came out of the gate only supported later devices. I put my old Roku 2 XS in a drawer years ago because it simply was incapable of running even something like YouTube. It's still there, and still works if I plug it in. But it's not a practical device to actually use anymore. 


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Re: Hulu no longer supporting my Roku model

@Oxynaug30 I understand your concern but electronics do get outdated.  For $25 you can get a Roku Streaming Stick 4k which is much faster than previous Roku devices and has a much improved WiFi connection.  Device is on sale now at multiple retailers.

Roku Guru

Re: Hulu no longer supporting my Roku model

If you just want to watch TV in the general sense, you can try some of the other thousands of apps in the Roku channel store.  There might be some (maybe many) that still work with older players.  If you think there is an interest, you might make a list of what works and post it here or create a “channels that work on old Rokus” website.

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