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One Guide to rule them all?

Hi everyone - I've been a Roku user for a while, but I always just used it as a streamer. Now I'm getting ready to take the full plunge and disconnect my cable. I'm extremely tech savvy, but my husband is not and I want to make this as seamless and user friendly as possible for him. 

Like all of you, we frequently switch between various free & paid platforms as well as local channels. (to prepare for the cable-cutting I just installed a networked Tablo for our local channels)

We have the Roku, the Tablo, Netflix, Max, Apple TV, Paramount+, Starz, MGM - and considering adding Philo to fill in a couple of gaps (AMC, History, ..). My question is this - how do you make that easy (or easier) for a die-hard cable viewer?? He is used to hitting the "Guide" button on the cable box and seeing everything all in one place. Is that possible with the Roku?? 

I thought - a few years back - ChannelMaster had a product that would do that, but apparently it's disconinued. I was hoping for a software fix with Roku?? 

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Re: One Guide to rule them all?

There is no real master guide. You can use something like JustWatch (app and/or website) to keep track of stuff you start, or are already watching, although it doesn't work reliably for cable/broadcast type networks.

Under "What to Watch" on the main menu is a continue watching that works with many services.

Unfortunately, trying to find something like a general program guide with new stuff is not easy. You can keep an eye on sites like and similar to see what is coming and going. Netflix's YouTube channel has a monthly post with what is coming up the next month, which highlights many newer titles. The July one just posted recently.

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Re: One Guide to rule them all?

Some of the aggregation channels like Tubi have grids like cable, but just for the stuff they carry. Some items will be listed as "live," but are really "linear" programming; shows that run on a schedule like network or cable.

Why someone would want to jump into the middle of a show when it could be streamed in it's entirety at one's convenience is beyond me. It doesn't take long to get the feel for streaming on Roku. Once you realize that you are in control, it's liberating!



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