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My captioning keeps turning OFF

Same problem here.  Noticed in Paramount+ app on TCL 6 series TV.


model: 7120X


device ID: FV202P641043

serial: YS00P0641043

channel: Paramount+

channel version: 8.2

channel build: 20230418

tracker: 43-187-522

To reproduce: turn on TV, open Paramount+, select any show.  Captions are always disabled by default, even though they’ve been set to ALWAYS ON several times while watching a P+ show/movie.


Judging by the multitude of other threads detailing this same issue over the past 6-8 months specifically, I don’t understand why this hasn’t been fixed.  It’s very annoying and should not need to be fiddled with every night when I try to stream.  

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Re: My captioning keeps turning OFF

Hi @Danmora16

Welcome to the Roku Community!

Can you please provide us with more specific information about the issue you are experiencing? Do you encounter any error messages? Are all the other streaming channels operating normally? How long has the issue existed and what troubleshooting done to resolve the issue?

With detailed information, we will be able to assist you better.

Warm Regards,

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Re: My captioning keeps turning OFF

Absolutely! I'm get tired of the problem!!! Every time I turn on my TV I have to turn the CC back on and eventide I switch to another streaming channel I have to turn it on again! Come on Roku, fix the problem already!!!!!

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Re: My captioning keeps turning OFF

Software 11.5.0

Build 4312-CG

Model 50S435

Serial X01200A9SKHS

Device ID S0A77189SKHS

This happens on ALL channels, every day! I have to turn it back on every morning, then any time I change channels, AND again when I went in to get you all the above information,  every time I have to put it on pause.

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Re: My captioning keeps turning OFF

I just did your: "when you see this issue occur, press the Home button 5 times, followed by the Back button 5 times and provide us with this ID" and NO ID showed up but my CC went off again. 

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Re: My captioning keeps turning OFF

Hi @Lpogg!

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community!

Please note that most channels and apps contain their own settings and will override the settings in Roku menus. Check inside each channel's individual settings and disable/enable captions in each. Some channels have their own captions settings that are separate from the system settings. Some channel manages their own content programming, including closed captions and subtitles on content. Reach out to the channel If changing the captions on the Roku settings does not resolve the issue.

For full information on this, you can take a look at this link: Turning closed captions on or off 


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