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Missing Episodes DCI Banks Britbox

Season 1 Episodes 2 & 4 missing. DCI Banks on Roku Channel Britbox subscription. Of course they are continuations of earlier Episodes.  Fix It Roku. Have no idea how to contact Roku customer service about this. I suspect Roku doesn't really care. 

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Re: Missing Episodes DCI Banks Britbox


You think that Roku controls all the servers used by BBC and iTV (the services that jointly run BritBox)? Roku doesn't. Roku doesn't build the apps. Roku doesn't run the servers. (Well, they built Roku Channel and are responsible for Roku Channel Original Content, but that's it.)

If you ran into the same thing on your computer, would you be complaining to Microsoft? Or Dell? Or Acer? Or HP? Or Apple? Or whoever? No, you'd be complaining to BritBox (and/or iTV, since DCI Banks is an iTV show). So, you might think these things through and direct your complaints to those that can actually do something about it. Just a suggestion.

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