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Local TV channels changed to TV stations in a different city

We have an Insignia ROKU TV and use Xfinity Streaming on that television.  Last week the local network television stations we normally receive while streaming changed from the Charlottesville, VA area to the local network stations in Washington, DC.  The Xfinity reps state it is a ROKU issue, and that seems to be confirmed as we can receive the local Charlottesville stations via iPads or Cell phones.  Any suggestions?  

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Re: Local TV channels changed to TV stations in a different city

Hi @irmese

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If your local TV channels on Roku have changed to TV stations in a different city, it is possible that your location settings on the Roku device have been changed. You can try updating your location settings to see if that resolves the issue.

If you want to update the name and location of your Roku streaming device, you can do so from your Roku account or the Roku mobile app.

How to update the name and location of your Roku device:

  • Go to on your computer or smartphone.
  • Sign into your Roku account if prompted.
  • Go to My linked devices.
  • Select the Pencil next to the name or location you wish to change.
  • Follow the prompt and enter the new name and location.
  • Select Update to save changes.

For more information about how to update the location of your Roku device, visit our Support page here: How to update the name and location of your Roku device | Official Roku Support.

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Re: Local TV channels changed to TV stations in a different city

Roku devices have no provisions for receiving live over-the-air broadcasts of your local stations. (Roku TVs with Roku capability built in DO have antenna inputs for this purpose.) So any network programming received on a Roku device must be streamed via one of the streaming channel apps that carry local channels (YouTube TV, fubu, Hulu + Live TV, specific ISP cable service app, etc.). It is that channel app that determines which locality's stations you get.  This may be something you can set in the channel app itself or on the channel's website.

Some channel apps determine your location by the IP number assigned to you by your internet provider. If your internet provider assigns or changes your IP number to one attached to one of its servers located in a different area, that could change the local stations you are provided.

You can use an IP info website like the ones listed below to see where the IP number assigned by your internet provider indicates you are located. If this doesn't represent your actual area, you can contact your internet provider and ask to be reassigned an IP in your area.

Some IP info websites:
A web search for IP Location can find many more.

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Re: Local TV channels changed to TV stations in a different city

Fix for Xfinity cable users

Add Xfinity streaming App by selecting add chanel, app, search for Xfinity and add.  Then follow instructions at for Navigating the Xfinity Streaming App on Roku.

1. Activate the App using your xfinity login

2. At main menu select live tv to open your local comcast channel guide and pick Your local NBC channel.  In my case NBC 4 so NYC local news not Philly news.

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