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Live TV channel restarting

Watching a series channel on Live TV. Half way through the season the episode ends and then it restarts the entire series even tho the guide previously said the next episode was about to play. This has happened 5 times now. 

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Re: Live TV channel restarting

Hi @catstarr04
Thanks for posting in the Roku Community! 

We understand that you wanted to watch your Live TV channel, however it restarts the entire episode. Let's work on it. 

  • Restart your Roku device. Press Home>Settings>System>Power If you do not see a Power submenu, skip to the next step, System restart.
  • Is there an error message when you stream the channel?
  • Does this happen to all movies and shows in the Live TV or just specific titles?

Keep us posted so we can further assist you.
All the best,

Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Live TV channel restarting

Is it the same TV series all five times this happened or different series?

This happened to me with "Doc Martin" so I looked for the next episode that should have played (it even acted like it was going to play) and found out it required a subscription to see the subsequent seasons. I don't know why it didn't indicate that instead of giving me the wrong impression that the next episode was going to play.

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