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Reel Rookie

Is there any music channel that accepts custom URLs?

I signed up for a premium membership to DI.FM and to stream to my Roku player their site says to have shoutcast channel loaded up and from their site it should send the custom url for the station I want to listen to directly to my Roku player.  And once it starts playing on shoutcast that I can favorite it.  Unfortunately, no station ever plays.  I have a feeling their site is outdated.  I have emailed their customer support three times to no avail.

From my DI.FM site I can get a custom URL to copy and put in a music player that accepts a custom URL.

I'm having a hard time finding a music channel that allows for input of a custom URL. 

I even looked into screen sharing, but it doesn't seem my equipment is compatible. 

What I wanted to do is get DI.FM to play on my good receiver and speakers to enjoy the sounds even better.  My computer speakers are good, but not as good as my surround sound.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Is there any music channel that accepts custom URLs?

Per this page, DI.FM says you can stream via the vTuner and Tune-In apps.   Tune-In is available as a Roku-compatible channel app.

Roku Channel Store link:

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Reel Rookie

Re: Is there any music channel that accepts custom URLs?

Yeah I already checked out the Tunein channel for Roku.  The add custom URL is not available on the Tunein channel.  I tried finding the add custom url on the tunein website and even downloading the app for my windows 10 pc.  But I found out they removed the custom url option on them.  I did just try the Tunein app for my android phone and on there I can put in a custom url.  The issue is that I am not allowed to favorite it.  That custom URL will only show up on the tunein app on my phone.  It won't show up in the recents list. 

Your link you shared said this.

"In order to maintain profitability and continue to keep this great music available, DI.FM is also making some hard decisions to limit our free streaming service, including shutting down all third-party access to our free streams through services like TuneIn, iTunes, and other radio directories. In addition, only Premium members will be allowed to access our steams on hardware players like Sonos and Squeezebox."

Which says they are shutting down the streams on stations. 

The only way I can listen to the stations on my Roku is through a music app that allows me to put in a custom URL that I get from being a premium member. 

Thanks for the quick response. 

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Re: Is there any music channel that accepts custom URLs?

On roku, add Video Poker. You can add a custom url to listen to your streaming station.

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