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Is the memory on roku stick causing frequent requests to enter codes?

My father, 93, is using the Roku Stick.  He is constantly calling with issues connecting to the same channels.  We have to go through the process of entering code or sign in.

Bally Sports is our current channel issue.  Plays 1 day, then requests verification procedure again.

Should I upgrade his roku to the Ultra that allows the use of a micro sd card?

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Re: Is the memory on roku stick causing frequent requests to enter codes?


The onboard storage on the model 4800 Ultra (current model) means a microSD card would serve no benefit, and the reader was removed. No current Roku device uses one.

Regarding your issue, the memory of the device is probably not a factor.

Next, I've not used the Bally Sports app. My understanding is that until their stand-alone service launches -- currently expected by end of June and expected to cost as much as $225/year -- the only way to use the app is with pay TV credentials, either cable, satellite, or streaming (DirecTV Stream).

Here is where things often go wrong for some people. I've not asked about your situation, and this is simply a statement of where some people run into issues. This is for informational purposes only.

Some people share their pay TV credentials or streaming service credentials with family members, usually the newly on their own (just out of college), or others on fixed incomes. Many of these situations are in violation of the terms of service. Some, such as Netflix, haven't make much of a fuss (though that may be changing). Others are really watching that, and make it difficult for those that do.

One of the ways they look for credential sharing -- not the only way for sure, but one -- is logins from different devices on different IP addresses. If they spot that, they will require the user to reauthenticate. This is often confirmed as what is happening by the account owner having to reauthenticate as well. This could be either the pay TV service or the streaming service imitating the reauthentication.

Another tactic of pay TV providers is to require authentication as often as monthly when no evidence of sharing exists. The purpose in that case is not to prevent credential sharing, but to confirm the user still has the subscription. This again could be the streaming service or the pay TV provider causing this.

Then, of course, sometimes they don't care, and are doing nothing, and it's a glitch in the app.

If it's a glitch in the app, sometimes 1) removing the app, then 2) restarting the device, then 3) reinstalling the app and authenticating again will resolve it.

Again, I'm just providing this as information, nothing more.

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Re: Is the memory on roku stick causing frequent requests to enter codes?

What other channels? I’ve been logged into the same channels such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock and Paramount+ for years. Never have to re login. Is your father using your credentials? 

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