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I cannot log into iQiyi app with Roku password

I cannot log into iQiyi app with my Riku password. I have a VIP subscription on my phone but want to use it on my tv. I even changed my Roku password and it still say wrong password. How can I log into the app on my Roku ? 

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Re: I cannot log into iQiyi app with Roku password


Although I do not subscribe to IQIYI, it looks like there is a section to login to the "My VIP" from within the IQIYI Channel/app on your Roku device.

1. Launch IQIYI Channel/app

2. On the left, select the My Account icon (one that looks like a head)

3. Select Login

4. Enter the email address of your VIP account (try the email address you currently use on your phone)

5. Enter the VIP account password. (try the password you currently use on your phone)

(From the instructions on the screen, it looks like you may need to "bind" mailbox. (basically, link your IQIYI account email to your Roku account (the email address you use for Roku).  Looks like you can do from either a PC or through the Channel/app itself. (Email Registration Link).

From some other sporadic postings in the Community, looks like linking the accounts is best done through a laptop/PC rather than the Channel/app itself. (

After you do the linking, try performing a Channel Update (highlight channel, press *button on remote, Check for Updates.)  Then try a System Restart. (Settings/System/System Restart or Settings/System/Power/System Restart).


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