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Re: Hulu and Disney Plus app not working right on Roku TV Keeps making me sign in every time

I started having loading issues with Roku TVs and Hulu channel app shortly after going to a mesh network using EERO 6 Pro wireless technology.  The EERO 6 Pro is very fast, so why is the Roku TV app Hulu having a loading issue if Roku TV is in a fast WiFi. It took me several weeks to figure this out, or at least a plausible reason and solution.

The EERO 6 Pro WiFi is a tri-band product supporting legacy 2.4g at 20/40Mhz, 5G at 40/80Mhz, and 5G at 80Mhz.  Speed test show data speeds on a 1Gbps fiber network being around 700+ Mbps up & down. So maybe the issue is with multiband WiFi units.

So why is there loading issue between Roku TVs using the Hulu app?  For weeks this eluded me, trying all the internet suggestions, removing/installing apps. It just didn’t make sense. It wasn’t until I started going through the iOS EERO app that I discovered in the activity log for 2.4g, there was a high number of collisions, connected clients, and activity. For the 5G radios very little activity.  The biggest issue with EERO, and maybe this true for all multiband and WiFi units, is you get only one WiFi SSID for all three bands, and no WiFi SSID separation between the three radio bands.

Solution: I took EERO out of my network topology.  Enabled only 1 of 4 radios in my router.  That radio was a 5G radio at 80Mhz with its own WiFi SSID.  Using an older access point with its 2.4g radio assigned to it a unique WiFi SSID.  Connecting the Roku TV to the 5G WiFi SSID, seemed to fix the loading issue between the Roku TVs using the Hulu channel.

Summary: It appears the multiband EERO product would often linked its 2.4G radio to the Roku TV, as well as the other 2.4G connections and became saturated inside the bandwidth.

Separating the WiFi SSIDs and linking them directly to specific WiFi radios seems to be the solution to the Roku TV Hulu app loading issue.  Since the WiFi SSID separation change, I’ve had no loading issues on TCL TVs and the Hulu app. BTW: I have several of these TCL TVs, and this solution fixed them all.

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