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How to HIDE channels on Roku screen

Left hand Side of screen on Roku, There is a list of channels one can access.  I want to hide many of them in order to save time when searching for a channel I want to view.


It can be done.  I have done it before--clicking on the boxes next to the channels.  I need to find edit channels again.  That is where find the boxes to check to Hide. Please help!

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Re: How to HIDE channels on Roku screen


if you are in the LiveTV guide of the Roku Channel,  go all the way to the left to the "channel number and channel name" and press the * button on your Roku remote.  A Channel Options menu should appear.  Here you can "Hide this channel" (individual channels), or select "Manage channels" (load a list of channels so you can select multiple to hide/unhide).

Alternatively, while watching content on the Roku Channel LiveTV, press the * button on the Roku remote and then select "Manage channels" to Edit the channel lineup.

On a RokuTV, (as opposed to Roku devices connected to a TV via HDMI), you can also go to Settings/TV Inputs/Manage Channels or use one of the methods above.


Roku support page on Favoriting and Hiding Channels -

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