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This would not be the first time i have had a subscription and either a could not access it because i had bought through roku tv or randomly billed because i used another persons account on my tv and all of a sudden im being billed for the app. this would be a non issue, if i could cancel it. they billed me twice in two days for a hulu subscription hulu says i do not have right now. is roku this shady?

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@gagebushway If you have any subscription through Roku, you can view/change/cancel it through your Roku user account web page ( Once you log in, there is a link to the subscriptions you might have. If you find the subscription and want to cancel it, you can do it right here. Roku does not refund any charges, so it will be cancelled when the current subscription period ends (it's usually a monthly charge)

Now, if you log in and don't see the subscription listed, then you are not being billed by Roku. Unfortunately, credit card thieves have figured out a simple way to steal your money. They bill your credit card (which was likely stolen information) and place Roku in the name of the biller. They hope that people think it's a legitimate charge and simply pay the bill.

If this is the case, you need to do two things immediately. First, call your credit card provider and contest the charge(s). This forces the scammers to respond, and they'll either refund the charge (so they can continue stealing from other people) or simply disappear, in which case your CC provider should also refund the charges. The second thing is to ask your CC provider to cancel that card and issue you a new one. Your CC information has obviously been compromised, and bogus charges will continue if you don't cancel it. 


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