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Fireplace Screensaver Not Displaying

I’ve downloaded three channels which ware marketed as fireplace screensavers and set each to my screensaver at different points. The channels are “Fireplace Ambience - Virtual Fireplace”, “Fireplace Videos - 24/7 Fire Screen saver HD Channel” and “Fireplace Master Collection - Fire Video Screensaver”. My issue is that when the screen saver goes to turn on after my device has been idle, instead of flicking to the screensaver like it should it goes to the screen where you can open the channel. How can I get it to actually show the screensaver? 

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Re: Fireplace Screensaver Not Displaying


I am seeing similar behavior on my Ultra 4660x with these three Screensavers.  Each of them took me to the install screen (where an option to purchase for 2.99 was shown).  It may be that these channels are free to watch/launch, but if you want the actual screensaver, you may have to pay 2.99.  Not really sure though, because even when using "Preview Screensaver", it is reloading the purchase screen and not providing a Preview, so actually just may be having an issue currently. (One of them just showed me a blank image placeholder.)

These three are all created/developed by Nextin.  Perhaps contact them at and see if they can provide some info.

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