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Reel Rookie

Filmrise Pride is shameful

I recently added Filmrise Pride to my channel lineup, and being an LGBTQ channel you would think they would vet the content of the commercials, but no, back to back to back Republican Political Ads.  I mean there are so many of them I cannot watch the normal content because the Ads are so full of inaccurate information an vitriol.  Really, Filmrise, know your audience.  Excessive Commercials on channels such as Filmrise and Tubi  


Re: Filmrise Pride is shameful

I bet that if I were watching a religious television station and it had constant ads by the democrat party looking for votes on abortion, gay and transgender rights, and legalizing marijuana and magic mushrooms that you would have no problem with that.  But I guess since I would be watching FREE programming, I couldn't really complain.

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