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Roku Guru

Re: Endless Big Pharma Commercials

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Yep, Original Post or Original Poster depending on context. 

Since I wrote my previous response, the moderators had their way with this thread and the OP (original post in this case) and half the thread is now in another thread of the same name.  I don’t know why they do that.  Every time, you see a thread where the very first words are “I have the same problem” and you think: huh? What problem? -  That’s because they’ve split it off from some other thread.

Yes, you do buy the gadget, although it is apparently sold at right around cost from what I’ve read, and it’s incredibly cheap compared to video gadgets of the past. However, what you do with the gadget is up to you.  You can watch services with or without commercials. 

Banned but back. Because why not?
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Channel Surfer

Re: Endless Big Pharma Commercials

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That's true have to make money somehow but these prescription ads the prescriptions are dangerous a few I've checked up on the studies done on them can be a risk seriously to your health including death!!

So Buyers Beware

The only way doctors know whats happening to your body from prescription is your reaction to it and some reactions you have no clue like liver damage adding more depression suicidal tendencies there so much more

Doesn't anyone find it odd after the Covid scare the continual vaccines for it that all these commercials for new prescriptions have come out?

They can't cure cancers or other diseases BUT can come up with medication that if you read the side affects can make you way worse even deaths

Covid vaccine is continual and I have had so many family members die from unknown ailments strange ones

Just makes me wonder when is really going on

USA is only country that allows medication ads


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Re: Endless Big Pharma Commercials

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Leftists..😂… Just awful people.

Anti-Left, Anti-DeadNamers, Anti-Climate Change”HOAX”, Anti-”Rainbow Child predator Agenda”
Anti-U.N., Anti-Obama/Bush, Anti-WOKE, Anti-Liberal National Socialist, Anti-Zalensky, Anti-BLM/Antifa Trash. Anti-Gay Agenda, 90% of all Mass shootings are done by the TRANS community. Fact.
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