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Don't watch the FreeVee channel on Roku

1. Once you watch (or even stop watching) anything, it stays in your watch list forever, and there is no way to remove it. Amazon says there is a remove function on their own app but it is not available on the Roku app.


2.Just because something shows in your search results does not mean it is available.  More often than not, it you click on the one you want it shows you a bunch of unrelated titles.

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Re: Don't watch the FreeVee channel on Roku


I did notice that although does not seem a way to remove a show from "Continue Watching" in Freevee with a remote button, that I was able to just launch the show from the Continue Watching and then Fast Forward all the end.  That seemed to remove it from my Continue Watching screen.

Not the most elegant way, but does seem to do the trick.

I do not remember seeing a WatchList in Freevee though.  Regarding my WatchList in Amazon Prime Video, I believe I just log in to Prime Video and when I remove content there, it removes it from my Roku device. I recall a "Remove from Watchlist" option a few days ago when noticed the *button no longer worked on the device itself.

As for the Search results issue, you are correct there.  Many times shows up as available in the Roku Search to only be unavailable when you go to Freevee.  A few channels are guilty of this and not updating their availability. (not even sure if this is channels' faults or merely a sync issue between all the different servers involved in the Search feature updating.)

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Re: Don't watch the FreeVee channel on Roku

I am not an Amazon Prime member, so it may work differently if you are.  If you add the FreeVee channel on Roku, the only options are Watch Now or Watch From Beginning. It may remove a movie if you watch it to the end, but I mostly watch TV series with multiple episodes, and if you watch through to the last episode, it stays in the list and just recycles back to Season 1 Episode 1.


Tried just forwarding the the last episode, but then it just recycles to that episode, but it is still in the list and then if you say Watch Now if just shows commercials then goes back to the list, and if you again say Watch Now, you just get different commercials and loop back.

This app is a piece of junk and they should be ashamed of it.  Roku should probably dump it.


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Re: Don't watch the FreeVee channel on Roku

What do I expect from "free!"?   I don't expect over the top  fancy features on apps like this one.  I use and enjoy as much as possible. 

My paid subscriptions are not in the same league.  I expect far more from them in content as well as the best features around.  If I don't get what I want-bye!  And I sharply limit whatever personal info given out to any and all apps to "need to know" only.  For freebies, fake name, throwaway email address,  and other info only.  For paid apps by myself, reloadable card only for payment.

People should learn not to be so honest and open about the real you-and your bank account.

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Re: Don't watch the FreeVee channel on Roku

I spent the afternoon in 'chat' with Amazon Prime trying to figure out why the mess that is Freevee suddenly appeared on my Amazon Prime application. I discovered not only could I not remove it but I also could not turn it off so I am doomed from now through eternity to have to wade through Freevee results before I can find the movie of show I was looking for. I am so reminded of cell phone junk apps that came with the phone and could not be removed.

I consider this app Malware. Stay away


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Re: Don't watch the FreeVee channel on Roku

Here's a quicker way than fast-forwarding to the end:

  1. On the Continue watching list, select the movie you want to remove.
  2. Click on the "Watch from beginning" button.
  3. As soon as the opening ad starts, click the back button on your Roku remote.  You should be back on the movie's description page, but now with the "Watch from beginning" button gone.  Your movie should be removed from the Continue watching list now.

    You can also click the back button right before the opening ad starts, when the spinning icon shows up, but make sure when the title of the movie is displayed on the top left corner of your tv screen.  This is slightly faster than waiting for the ad to start up.

For serials it's a bit of a pain since you would have to do the same as above for every episode you've watched.  Once all the episodes have been marked unwatched, the entire serial should be removed from the Continue watching list.

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Re: Don't watch the FreeVee channel on Roku

Thanks so much for your help. I watch mostly series, and I was able to get rid of most of the ones I wanted to remove.  One thing I noticed was that once I followed your instructions on an episode, the Continue Watching box disappeared for that episode and the only choice was Watch now.

I have one remaining problem with the Lost series, which is 6 seasons with dozens of episodes for each.  Even though I cleared each episode, it remains on the list, and when I click on it, it goes to Season 5 Episode 10, which has no longer has a Continue watching box, only Watch now.  If I watch that to the end, it stops on a black box, and if I click that, just goes back to Season 5, Episode 10. So looks like I am Lost forever.

It would be so much better if they just added an option for Remove Series or perhaps Remove Season. 

Anyway, thanks to much.  Hopefully I will be able to get rid of anything else which accidentally gets added to the FreeVee list.



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Re: Don't watch the FreeVee channel on Roku

I'm having same issue 

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Re: Don't watch the FreeVee channel on Roku


Thanks for the post.

Can you please specify the issue you are experiencing? What are the steps to reproduce the issue you are seeing? What troubleshooting steps have you already taken to try to resolve the issue?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


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Re: Don't watch the FreeVee channel on Roku

As soon as I signed in it filled my 'continue watching' que; despite not having used the service before.

As the Roku FreeVue app is as bad as the Peacock app, lacking 'remove' button, the trick with FreeVee is to log out.  Use FreeVee without being signed into your Amazon account.  They don't need all your viewing info anyway.  If they wanted all that 'valuable' watching info, they would be considerate to their customers' needs and wishes.

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