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Reel Rookie

Disney plus premium (no ads) will not take my password

I have a separate Hulu account which activated just fine.  But when I try to activate my Disney + premium account it tells Roku tells me I can't sign in.  Yes I have checked the password--it gets me to my account on the PC just fine.  I tried a both a different password from Hulu and the same one I use there.  Nothing works.


Any ideas?  

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Disney plus premium (no ads) will not take my password

Hi @auldtwa 

A warm welcome here at the Roku Community!

We appreciate you reaching us here regarding this matter. No worries, we're here to find you the best resolution possible.

Just to clarify, did you make your Disney+ premium subscription under Roku?

For troubleshooting purposes, follow the steps provided below:

  • Remove the Disney+ app: press Home > highlight the Disney+ app > press Star* > select Remove channel
  • Perform a system reboot: press Home > Settings > System > System restart
  • Add the Disney+ app again: press Home > select Store > select Channels and find the Disney+ app > select Add channel

Let us know if this resolves your issue, and we'd be more than happy to assist you further with this.

All the best,

Carly Y.
Roku Community Moderator
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Reel Rookie

Re: Disney plus premium (no ads) will not take my password

Actually I discovered that the problem was from the Disney folks.  They insist that one have the same password for "all items in the Disney group" which apparently includes Hulu.  I had installed Hulu earlier, using the password I've used for donkey's years.

So I went in, finally, to Disney AND Hulu and changed the passwords once again.  This time I waited for about an hour before trying to install either.  And they both "took."

Two interesting points (not related to Roku, but interesting). In trying to change the password for Hulu they needed to send me a link--the usual drill.  But it took SO LONG to get the link that its 15 minute window expired before I ever got the email.  So I eventually used the existing Hulu password (which I'd changed without trouble several hours before) on Disney.  And decided that all systems were "slow."  So the wait worked.

The other interesting point is that my password, which was rated by my password manager as "highly secure" when just used for Hulu downgraded to "weak" when I used it for Disney because, surprise, I was using it on two sites.  Go figure. 

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