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Reel Rookie

Discovery + Inactive subscription

I've had roku and discovery plus for years, everything was working fine. Today when I opened Discovery it said I had to update my credit card. This seemed possible since I had to block my card recently . So I clicked on the account link and updated my card ( I don't know if this was for roku or discovery?, but in any event the same card is in the Roku payment settings).  I went to open discovery and it said I don't have an active subscription. I thought maybe I had to restart it after changing my card? I went in to discovery and it said to select the plan, I think I selected the ads version by mistake. Anyway I thought I was now set up but still can't get in. In the meantime I received 2 emailed Roku bill notifications, one for the ad version and one for ad free. So now I've been charged for 2 subscriptions? And I still can't get into discovery, it says inactive subscription. I also can't get into the Roku app or web option to manage subscriptions, it keeps saying it can't load that info. I'm going around in circles signing in and out and trying to at least cancel one of the subscriptions. Can't do anything and can't even watch discovery. Help. Super frustrated

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Roku Guru

Re: Discovery + Inactive subscription


I'd suggest going here (official ROKU support page):

Click the accounts, payment ans subscriptions tab,

Explain as best you can what happened. 

I could suggest the cause but, I'd be guessing. Maybe and this is a pure guess your ROKU has been compromised. That's why  I say get a hold of official ROKU support ASAP.

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