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Different movies with the same title are linked

Different movies with the same title are linked. Roku-says you can watch movie for free on plex & tubi: Movie named Downhill about a family in avalanche > links to another movie named Downhill about a black physician for both plex and tubi. Is there anyone who works for Roku who can fix this?

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Re: Different movies with the same title are linked


Roku gets the information from the sources, in this case, Plex and Tubi. They likely get it from another service, such as FilmRise (not saying these are from FilmRise, but they are a large content provider to various services; they may not be responsible for this particular issue, and usually do it right).

I would suggest going directly to Plex and Tubi and finding the content and seeing if the issue exists still. I expect you will find that to be the case. If so, you should contact them. Of course, since it's two different services with the same issue, it's likely they have a common content provider that is the actual cause.

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