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(Coaxial) live TV through Roku TV Stick

Hi all!

I'm thinking about getting a Roku TV stick, potentially the Roku Ultra, and would like to know if anyone has experiences with watching live TV via it.

Sure, the first option that comes to mind would be to stream live TV via an internet channel, but I'm talking about live TV via a coaxial cable (for use less internet bandwidth and potentially have no lag).

Roku themself write that you can subscribe to cable and be able to receive digital and analog TV stations without a cable box, by connecting directly to the Live TV input on the Roku TV system, because Roku TV is equipped with an ATSC tuner that provides access to digital “over-the-air” broadcast television.
However, this seems like Wifi/internet TV.

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Re: (Coaxial) live TV through Roku TV Stick

You're misunderstanding or misusing a bunch of terms.  A "Roku TV" is an actual TV.  A "Roku stick" is a Roku device that plugs into a TV without the need for an HDMI cable.  A "Roku Ultra" is a Roku player that is neither a TV or a stick.  Only Roku TVs have a tuner and therefore a coaxial input.  Roku devices can get "live TV" through streaming providers like YouTube TV, Philo, Sling, and a few other cable-like providers.

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Re: (Coaxial) live TV through Roku TV Stick

Can also add there are devices like Tablo or AirTV that are network-connected tuners where you use an app to watch TV (and DVR recordings) on that tuner.

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Re: (Coaxial) live TV through Roku TV Stick

If you hook a Roku (Stick, Express, Ultra) to some TV, then the TV continues to have its existing features and it can still watch over-the-air TV, Blu-Rays etc.  To do that, just grab the TV remote, and switch away from the Roku input to the antenna or any other input.  I just wanted to mention that because some people think a Roku “takes over” a TV, but it doesn’t. 

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