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Closed Captioning out of synch on numerous movies on ROKU channel

    Closed Captioning (CC) on several movies on the ROKU CHANNEL are out of synch with the rest of movie.  As I age, I rely on Closed Captioning (CC) more and more especially with actors with accents, including French and drunken pirates.

     I think you need to synch up your files.  Here are a few I have encountered lately. 

title  -  CC problem

Planet of the Sharks  -  CC is delayed 1 hour (almost exactly 1 hour)

The Infiltrator - CC is delayed 1 hour

100 Million BC - CC is delayed 1 hour

Flyboys - CC is delayed by several minutes (French accents)

Blackbeard (2006) both episodes - CC is delayed by many seconds (drunken English pirates; ARRGH)

Thanks, and I REALLY am happy with ROKU and all the movies I can enjoy.  My enjoyment would be better if I could rely on the CC more.

Perhaps verifying the synchronization of the audio and CC would a thing to do when adding a movie to the ROKU channel.      

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Re: Closed Captioning out of synch on numerous movies on ROKU channel

Hi @Stevelp 

Thanks for posting in the Roku Community regarding the issue you are seeing within The Roku Channel.

Please be aware that I have passed along your concerns and information to the appropriate Roku team to investigate further.

Once more information is available, I'll be sure to update this Community thread.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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