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Cant stream new show on "AMC+ ON THE ROKU CHANNEL"

I have A SUBSCRIPTION to AMC+ on the Roku Channel. The provider is The Roku Channel. Not AMC +. I CANNOT get my new show to stream . I go to the appropriate category, I select the show(it even says on there its comes with my subscription) I hit play season one episode one and it just sits there. Im trying to watch TWD Daryl Dixon im on central time.


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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: Cant stream new show on "AMC+ ON THE ROKU CHANNEL"

Thanks for letting us know about the issue you're running into, @Ajbreakingaway.

It might be helpful in some situations to uninstall the channel and then reinstall it. Follow the instructions below, restarting your Roku device after each step to ensure the process succeeds. Please be aware that strict adherence to this is essential for successful outcomes.

  • Remove the channel: Highlight the channel tile on your home screen and press the Star button to open the options menu. Select Remove channel and confirm.
  • Restart your Roku device: Restart the device from the settings menu. Go to Settings > System > System Restart > Restart.
  • Re-install the channel: After your Roku device restarts, visit the Roku Channel Store and add the channel again.

We also suggest checking for an app update by highlighting the channel tile, pressing the * button, and selecting update.
Please let us know what you find out after doing so.

Nadee K.
Roku Community Moderator

Re: Cant stream new show on "AMC+ ON THE ROKU CHANNEL"

I am thinking more that just a few AMC+ subscribers had this issue.  I followed step by step and now AMC+ new episodes are loading.  I was frustrated been trying for 3 days to was Darryl Dixon WD spin off.  I had already checked my internet connection, reset Roku.  I had no idea I would have to uninstall/reinstall AMC+. Thank you, I will keep this fix in mind for future issued with any channel I have on Roku.

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