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Can basic networks such as ABC be streamed with Roku box?

I have a Roku box with a regular TV.  I live in Canada.  Is there a way to stream any of the basic networks (without cable TV), such as ABC, with the Roku box?  I don't mind paying a subscription fee, but would prefer not to.

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Re: Can basic networks such as ABC be streamed with Roku box?

Hi @cindyj
Welcome to the Roku Community!
You can view a live streaming TV channel from The Roku Channel. You can easily browse an electronic program guide (EPG) called Live TV Channel Guide to help you find other live-streaming programs to watch today and in the coming weeks. You can also view the same live streaming TV channels and browse the Live TV Channel Guide from the Live TV input on your TV with a Roku device.

If you have an HDTV antenna connected to your TV and a Roku device, you can use the Live TV Channel Guide to browse both live streaming content and "over-the-air" programs broadcasting in your area. With the Live TV Channel Guide, your TV listings are combined into a single channel grid, letting you quickly find your favorite free, live TV.
You can check out this support article: How to find TV listings using the Live TV Channel Guide.

Let us know how it goes so that we can assist you further.
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