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Ammount of commercials geting riddiculous

It seems all channels are getting stupidly absurd with the amount of commercials and the time between the program and commercials. Alot of channels play 5 min of show and 4 mins of commercials. Some arent bad, but it seems the average commercials went from 3 to now 7 or 8, I understand commercials but its now getting ridiculous.

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Streaming Star

Re: Ammount of commercials geting riddiculous

I’m guessing that for the average commercial content provider, you know you’ve got the level of commercials “just right” when people complain about them, but continue to watch.

Banned but back. Because why not?
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Roku Guru

Re: Ammount of commercials geting riddiculous

With the explosion of FAST (Free Ad Supported Television) channels, and new ad-supported versions of Netflix, Disney+, Max, and eventually Prime (early next year), revenue from individual ads is probably falling. They need to air more just to make the same money.

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