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Advertising...VEVO, what gives?

Vevo came on, why, I don't know. I was watching a video by Meatloaf.....then a commercial comes on Roe V Wade....excuse me, that's bias political stuff......then a bunch of black dudes wearing pink and no shirts......uh, if I am watching 70's video's this woke stuff is sickening. I am done with vevo, and lame roku channel.....later.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Advertising...VEVO, what gives?

VEVO is a popular music video platform that primarily operates as a joint venture between major record labels. It serves as a centralized hub for music videos from various artists across different genres. VEVO's main purpose is to provide a legitimate and official platform for artists to share their music videos with a global audience.

In terms of advertising, VEVO offers opportunities for brands to reach a large and engaged audience through targeted advertising campaigns. Advertisers can leverage VEVO's extensive library of music videos and its user base to promote their products or services. The platform offers various advertising formats, including pre-roll ads that play before the start of a music video, display ads, and sponsored playlists.

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