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Wire-Free Doorbell SE battery charge from doorbell wiring?

I installed a wire-free doorbell SE by wiring it to my original, traditional doorbell wires. It shows the little "plug" icon on the battery indicator. But it showed 83% when installed and the next morning it showed 84%, but 4+ days later it still shows 84%? At least it's not discharging, but disappointing it doesn't seem to be charging the internal battery from the doorbell wiring power? Is the only way to top up the battery really just to remove the unit, unscrew the wires and take it inside to plug in a USB power source?? I assumed I could just leave the unit attached by the door and leave it like that indefinitely and never have to worry about charging it? 

I'd like to put my cable modem and wifi router on a UPS power supply so the doorbell would keep working and stay connected to the internet even if/when power to the house goes out?