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What Memory Card is compatible Roku Camera Floodlight SE

What memory card is compatible with this camera for continuous recording? I have tried two different ones (and it could be these memory cards aren't good), and testing a third one nows that's 100% working to see what happens. On the first two SD cards, after camera records about a 800MB or so to the card, the camera stops uploading to the cloud. A single still image is generated for "Events" with Upload Failed. Check Network Connection.

I can still remote into the camera and view a live feed. I can Still record to my phone manually. I can still use sound and speaker.  However, the cloud function no longer functions with videos. As stated "Still Image" with an error Video Upload failed.  Check network connection.

Once I format the memory card (first two) the camera goes back to working 100%, and again begins uploading  videos to the cloud (and not a single still image)  Right now, I'm testing a 3rd brand SD card that as I stated above, I know works perfectly.

Image of what happens when cloud stops working (as FYI).

Smart Home.jpg



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Re: What Memory Card is compatible Roku Camera Floodlight SE

What SD card is compatible with this camera? The Sandisk A2 256GB lasted a day and about 4GB before camera froze.

Testing a Samsung Evo Select now.....

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Re: What Memory Card is compatible Roku Camera Floodlight SE


I have tested the cameras with Kootion, Sandisk, and Infinitive up to 64gb and all seem to work fine with the outdoor flood camera.  I currently have the Kootian 64gb in the camera but only doing Events rather than Continuous Record. (although continuous record was working properly when I tested it).

I had a problem with all the above staying recognized on the regular Outdoor Cam until Roku released a firmware update to the base station and the outdoor cam 2 or 3 weeks ago.  Now all three brands (up to 64gb) are now working across all my cameras.

I haven't tested with any higher than 64gb though.

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Re: What Memory Card is compatible Roku Camera Floodlight SE

So I am now in direct contact with Roku U.S. Based Development Team / Engineers.  While the Roku Floodlight Se advertises support up to 256GB, it appears that this might not be the case.

At their suggestion, I purchased a 64GB Sandisk Extreme Plus and the camera records both continuous and events to the cloud without the above issue (camera unable to record live events and takes still image).

Passed this along to the Roku Engineers - whether it be a Firmware issue or Card Reader Limitation.

In my 1.5 Day test, I did encounter ONE issue that I hope is a one off software glitch. The Camera's Live Feed worked fine remotely. I could adjust camera settings "OK". The camera uploaded event notifications to the cloud "OK" and notified my phone.  However, the camera showed as "offline" on the Roku App along with cloud (even though the cloud was working).

The Restart / Turn Off / Wifi Status didn't work and would prompt an error Device Offline.

Restarting Wifi, Ejecting and Removing the MicroSD card, uninstalling and reinstalling the Roku App dind't resolve. Camera needed powered off (light switch) and powered back on. Then the glitch resolved.

One Question:

When recording Continuous to the SD card, I only get a video feed, no audio? 

Is the SD card feed suppose to capture Audio?  I'm not sure if the Record Sound is Applicable to the MicroSD storage or ONLY to cloud events?

Trying to determine if this is another bug or not.


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Re: What Memory Card is compatible Roku Camera Floodlight SE

I had an issue with my Outdoor Camera SE, it completely stopped uploading to the cloud for 2 days straight until I noticed there was a problem. I restarted the camera itself and that didn't fix the issue, then I unplugged the base-station for 10-seconds and plugged it back in and my issue was fixed. There seems to be a problem with the base-stations uploading to the cloud if they're on for a few weeks with no reset. All other functions were working properly including the live-feed while the cloud uploads were not working. 

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