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Was my roku camera hacked?

I got a email from Roku saying

Video from your Smart Home Camera was viewed on your TV:

  • Camera: Living room
  • Roku TV: 43" Hisense Roku TV
  • Model: D205X
  • Approximate location based on Roku TV's IP address:(my town)

I’ve never viewed camera feed on my tv and neither has anyone else in my house, pretty sure someone got into my account  it somehow. Any one had this issue?


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Re: Was my roku camera hacked?

I don’t see anyone answered you. All I know is that some companies seem to somehow obtain  tvs from big manufacturers and then give them their own and new name on the outside of the tv like the plastic box part, so when I go to scan it for what it is say a remote control or adding it to my smartphone devices it will come up with a different brand than what you bought it under. But that is not your case and it is  strange that a tv comes up on your notifications. Have checked the ip the tv has or a MAC address to locate whether it fell under your network or someone else’s? I know my tv sound goes up and down and off and on and my neighbors have a Roku tv and remote but people have told me that remote can go through walls! There is a way to get into cameras as explained easily even though sone articles here say there is tie not. There is

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