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SD card recording doesn't use chosen settings; always records all motion

I've been checking the SD card in my Indoor Camera SD and seeing that the usage is constantly going up, even though no cloud videos are being recorded. (The poor functionality of the cloud recordings is a different issue.) I pulled it out to check the videos, and it isn't recording based on the settings that I've chosen in the camera.

I have Smart Detection enabled, and set to only record when a Person is detected, and a detection zone is set. But the camera is recording to the SD card when even the slightest motion of any kind is detected. An insect moves across the view, a 1 minute recording occurs. A car drives past and the bottom of a tire passes through the detection zone, a 1 minute recording occurs. So it at least seems to pay attention to the detection zone, but why does it not record only when a person is detected? (The camera has been restarted, firmware updated, all that.)

It's not even consistent about when the recordings start. I play one video back and the first detected motion is at the 30 second mark, but in another video it's at 50 seconds.

The end result is that after a 7 days in which there were maybe 15 actual events that triggered a cloud recording (all me walking past the camera), there were 177 of these 1 minute videos recorded to the SD card totalling over 1GB of space used. It's on my back door, facing a street without a lot of traffic and the detection zone just barely catches a small part of the roadway, and most of the videos are from insects moving into view. If it was a different area, the SD card would fill up pretty rapidly despite trying to use settings that should limit that.

The documentation for the camera also indicates it's limited to a 32GB card which is incorrect, but seems to be lazy documentation that doesn't want to go into the issue of larger cards needing special formatting to use FAT32 because they normally use exFAT, and for some reason these cameras don't support exFAT.

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