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Channel Surfer

Playback with SD or Subscription

I purchased 2 indoor cameras, one doorbell, and one floodlight with a camera. I have an SD in each product and foolishly paid for a one-year subscription. Yet, none of these products will allow me to open the app and scroll back the recording to a previous time of the day. So for example… if I get home on my lunch break from work… and want to view something that happened at 9:00 am… the only way I can achieve this… is to take out the SD card and put it in my computer to review it. 

This is unbelievable since I paid $100 for a subscription to store my recordings and yet I cannot view them. It’s even more unbelievable that a no-brand-name product from Walmart that I had previously, provided this feature with an SD card alone. 

They claim they do not know how to provide this feature within their app. Unacceptable when many other products can. I’m disappointed. Yet I am stuck with them until my subscription runs out. When it does… I will be replacing all of their cameras with a better company. Hopefully… they will remedy this flaw and I won’t have to. 

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Re: Playback with SD or Subscription

Hi! I’m new to this, I just bought 4 outdoor cameras and ordered 3 indoor cameras, plus another base station that come with a outdoor camera, so my question with an SD cards could I replay the recordings on my phone, thanks.

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Re: Playback with SD or Subscription


"To view an event recording backed up on a micro SD card, you must remove the card and connect it to your computer."

How to install a micro SD card in your Roku Smart Home camera | Official Roku Support

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Channel Surfer

Re: Playback with SD or Subscription

Yes... and the fact that you have to take the SD card out to view your recordings is terrible. I am not climbing on a ladder to fetch the SD card out of the floodlight/camera on the side of my house. Paying for a subscription does not allow playback on your phone either. Roku is sh*tty. Plain and simple.