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Reel Rookie

Indoor camera features not working

I bought two indoor cameras. I set one up a week ago. Several features don't work, timestamp, motion detection, notifications. I set up the second camera and all those things work. They both have the same firmware. I tried the factory reset process but the firmware version didn't change and the problem remains. 

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Re: Indoor camera features not working


On the non-working camera, have you verified that all those features/settings are enabled?  Meaning, did you enable all these in the mobile app settings for that particular camera and they are simply not working?

Each camera has to be configured in Settings.  Give each camera a unique name just in case this is a mobile app issue and may not be saving the setting to the correct camera.  I have found the mobile app to be a little buggy and more a work in progress.

Timestamp --> Settings/Advanced Settings/Show Timestamp [toggle On]

Notifications --> Settings/Notifications/Send Notifications/ [toggle On].  Additionally, you will have to set whether for motion or sound or both.

Detection Settings for Notifications --> Settings/Detection Settings/Sensitivity [try increasing sensivity sliders to increase notifications]


I am assuming since you got the second camera set up and working, you tried the above with the non-working camera, so more just ruling it out/verifying set up correctly between the camera and the mobile app.

I have actually had to clear the mobile app settings/data and cache and reinstall the mobile app a few times to address issues between the cameras and the apps, so you may try a fresh install of the mobile app.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Indoor camera features not working

I tried the settings you suggest on and off several times.  I tried reinstalling the app, no change.  Perhaps enabling these features are done from Roku and aren't settable by default in the firmware.  

I wasn't able to set up the second camera until I logged out of the app and back in.  Spent a long time on a support chat until we stumbled on that solution.

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Re: Indoor camera features not working


Thanks for the post. I'm sorry to hear about the experience—that's not what we aim for.

I have passed along your information to our Support team. They will follow up and assist you.



Danny R.
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