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Doorbell message - Unable to connect to this camera

Our Roku live-stream is viewable from phone devices but from not from our television devices. All our indoor cameras are viewable from both phone & television devices yet our video-doorbell devices are ONLY viewable from our phone devices and NOT VIEWABLE from our television screen devices (please, help?). The message on the television for our outside cameras is reading, ‘unable to connect to this camera’ yet from the phone they are showing the live feeds (but cannot get both to function-?). Any suggestions/help is appreciated for the re-connecting of the live-feed to view it from our Roku televisions (oddly they are continuing to be viewable and are working from our phone device but not from our television devices, this is frustrating as we can’t seem to troubleshoot & resolve this issue despite the “try again” option provided-? Have also tried going in and out of the app and switching between cameras but not yet finding any solution).

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