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Reel Rookie

taking money out of my account without my ok.

why cant the telephone number on my bank statement work? it would be easyer to talk to a person. roku always takes my payment out at the first of the month. but this month they took $9.72 out of my account at the end off the month and it made my account over draft and they chardr me $35 for roku doing this. it is bull**** when your on a fixxed income $35 is alot of money. give me a person to talk to not a computer. phone that works.

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: taking money out of my account without my ok.

You need to log into your Roku user account ( and look for any subscriptions through Roku. If there's something listed there, then you are being billed by Roku, and you can change any subscriptions you have right there.

If there are no subscriptions shown on your user account, then Roku is not the one billing you. I realize your bill may say Roku, but scammers have figured out ways to make their stealing from you look like a legitimate charge. If you have no Roku subscriptions, then you need to contest the charges through your CC company/bank.


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Re: taking money out of my account without my ok.

I don't see anywhere where Roku say they will (or will not) process payments on a specific day of the month, but I do find where they say: "You are responsible for any over-limit, non-sufficient funds, or other overdraft fees that your payment method may charge you as a result." 

So, I would suggest either keeping an extra $10 in your account at all times (allotting $10 once certainly beats losing $35 each and every time this happens!), and/or use a credit card instead of a debit card (gives you a little flexibility on exactly when to pay – but don’t go overboard and end up paying interest on TV!) or find a bank or credit union with lower fees.  Interestingly, in many cases if you DON'T select "overdraft protection", a debit is declined and there is no fee.  If you do select it (and it may be the default), the debit goes through but you get a fee.

By the way, Ally Bank says they have no overdraft fees. (Just as an example, I have not used them.)