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Why do I have to watch ads on my paid subscription channel AcornTV?

Why do I have to watch ads on my paid subscription channel?  I have used Roku for several years.  I have not had a problem during that time.  But now I add a service, I do have a problem, and company help is totally non-existent.

Why do I have to beg for help on some Community Board?  I have wasted a couple of hours on this web site and on the internet looking for some human way to solve a problem.

Stanley Moreo

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Rewards for Roku Communityy participants

To Fellow Roku Streaming Services Subscribers:

Does it seem reasonable to you that a multi-year Roku streaming user comes to the Roku web site for assistance.  He has a new problem because he agreed to pay Roku more money for an added service.  He lLooks everywhere twice on how and where to get Roku help for this problem.  Finds nothing.  Has to beg for help in the Roku Community and, so posts a message.

And then, in true computer real time, he receives an email from Roku that says he has won a Badge for posting his first message on the community board. 

Stanley Moreo

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Re: Why do I have to watch ads on my paid subscription channel AcornTV?

I've seen this mentioned by other people, however not having ever used AcornTV I don't know if that's just how it works, but I think you need to take it up with Acorn.  I know there is such a thing as a paid subscription that still has ads (e.g., Disney Basic), but I don't know if an Acorn subscription falls into that category.

If your subscription is through Roku and not directly with Acorn you can try Roku support at and choose the option for "Accounts, purchases & subscriptions".  They may be able to give you more information about your subscription.

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Re: Why do I have to watch ads on my paid subscription channel AcornTV?

It depends on the service, but many may have 2 tiers. A lower-cost tier that is ad-supported, and the higher-cost that is ad-free, or mostly ad-free (Paramount+ has a 10-15 sec pre-roll "promo" before many shows.)

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Re: Rewards for Roku Communityy participants

It looks like your previous post has already received a few responses.  I’ve never used Acorn myself, so I have no idea whether it is supposed to have ads. In general, when an app is running, the app writer decides what the app does, including what, if any, ads it has. 

Many people prefer to to create subscriptions with the content providers directly.  Doing so means you are directly their customer and they have a clue as to who you are if you contact them for support. Roku has thousands of channel/apps available and so it's not surprising that they know little about the specifics of any particular one.

As for the badges stuff.  This stuff was added to a bunch of generic forum software over the last decade or so.  I consider it silly and just ignore it.

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