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Need help, partially blind cant chat with agent

I’m in the hospital with Covid & im also partially blind. I have tried for two days to call Roku and have been unsuccessful reaching a live person. Not only is it almost impossible for me to chat with any support agent due to my blindness, I am also in the hospital and need immediate help. I did try to chat with the support agent, they were extremely rude and ended the chat without giving any explanation, resolution, or even saying goodbye or thank you. My credit card has been compromised and I’m dealing with that with my bank but I have several recurring charges for “Roku for (insert channel)” That I have not subscribed to and when I look on my account for this subscription history or the history for the charges it’s not there. I need to actually speak with somebody. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m not talking about $5 or $20 worth of charges, this totals up to several hundred dollars worth of charges. I desperately need help!

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Re: need help, partially blind cant chat with agent

If you're Roku account doesn't show any subscriptions at then you're probably right - your credit card has been compromised.  Roku won't be any help getting to the bottom of it.  You're better off going to your credit card company and getting them to get to the bottom of it.  The only "official" answer you'll get here is, "for account or billing issues go to ".  From experience, if your account doesn't show any subscriptions they will just wash their hands of the whole situation.

I don't know if this applies, but if you have multiple Roku devices then more than one person has unwittingly created more than one Roku account.  You can check what account a Roku device is linked to by checking the email address displayed under Settings->System->About.

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