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Channel subscriptions through Roku

Can someone tell me what the **bleep** is the point of subscribing to various channels through Roku versus through the channels themselves? One would think that they would have the same benefits, but what Roku doesn't tell you is that you can't do sh*t with their mobile app. What if I want to watch an AMC+ original show on my iPhone while I'm sitting in an airport, for example? Nope. Not possible. For some stupid reason, the Roku app doesn't allow that and the Roku channel app doesn't even exist anymore. But you might think, "I'm sure I can download the AMC+ app and watch it on there with my Roku login, seeing as I PAY $9 A MONTH for the subscription." But nope. Impossible. However, if I had signed up through AMC+ directly, then I could watch on the AMC app, both on my home TV and on my iPhone. What a concept!


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Re: Channel subscriptions through Roku

About the only reasons I've come up with are that some people like to have all their subscriptions in one place and that it's convenient to have your subscriptions automatically be enabled on all of your Roku devices linked to the Roku account.  It's also easier to just start the subscription on your Roku device instead of having to create an account and add a payment method on some provider's website.  For people that only intend on using a channel/app on their Roku device, there's not much of a disadvantage to subscribing through Roku. None of the reasons I've come up with are enough for me personally, but to each his own.

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Re: Channel subscriptions through Roku

I am suspecting the content libraries also differ right now? I have a Roku Brit Box sub, and it will not play titles available via the route using the fully-BBC Managed app. That is a huge reason to NOT use Roku for subs... and I am digging to see if I am correct vs missing a way to find the titles on the Roku route and have come across very little info.

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Re: Channel subscriptions through Roku

Hi @ddsell,

Welcome, and thanks for your first post in the Roku Community!

Please be aware that for more information about the channel's features and functionality, you'll want to contact the channel provider support directly to inquire further. Many channels on Roku are developed and maintained by the channel providers themselves.

You can reach them here: Britbox Support.

All the best,

Jecheal R.
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