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Cannot cancel Hulu that was signed up for with free trial thru Roku

I signed up for a free trial for Hulu through Roku about a month ago.  The free Hulu trial never showed under the "Active Subscriptions" under "Payments & subscriptions" on the App.  Today I was billed for after the first month, and since Hulu is not showing up under my active subscriptions, I am unable to cancel it.

The instructions say if the subscription doesn't show under Active subscriptions on Roku that means you have to cancel with Hulu directly.  That would make sense IF I signed up with Hulu directly, but I know I never signed up for the trial direct with Hulu - I signed up for the free trial through Roku.  And as further evidence, the charge on my billing statement is listed as "Roku for Hulu LLC", so the subscription is clearly with Roku.

So Roku how I cancel??

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Re: Cannot cancel Hulu that was signed up for with free trial thru Roku

Ignore my previous message!  My bad!  I did set up the subscription direct with Hulu.  Short term memory here :).  I've been able to cancel through them.

Thank you!

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