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Reel Rookie

Why does it take 90-150 seconds to get a DHCP Reservation address and go online - TCL Roku TV

Note - this is Wired Ethernet, NOT a wireless connection. I do not utilize WiFi at home. The problem is not infrastructure as this TV takes a long time to connect no matter what port it is connected to, including directly to the FiOS NID port.

TCL Roku TV, 55" WIRED connection to Gigabit switch (Cisco 4506). Takes 90-150 seconds to "connect" after power on via remote - this is a "warm start". TV screen turns on within 1-2 seconds, then takes a long time to report "connected". None of the 4 other Roku devices in my home take this long, and the workstations also obtain an IP Address and connect quickly - 5-10 seconds typically. I have plugged in one of the other Roku devices into this TV's wall jack as well as connected a laptop and both obtain an IP Address and connect to the Internet in a few seconds, so not a port/cable issue. 

The TV last updated firmware on 10/24 and last checked for updates earlier today.

Other Info:
Once the connection is established, there are no connectivity or performance issues at all. 
All wired network connections are Cat-6e cable, jacks, and patch cords.
Windows Server 2022 providing DHCP, reservations defined for all Roku devices. 
All Roku devices are on a "workstation" VLAN - TV plus 4 Roku devices and 3 computer workstations. Plex server is also in this VLAN and is a primary target of this TV.
Internet is FiOS 1GB with a SonicWall 1G firewall. Speed tests consistently report 850+Mbps up/down speed. 
As a test, powering up and connecting the FiOS WiFi 6 AP to the network and connecting the TV via WiFi does not change this performance. The AP provided DHCP in this configuration.


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Re: Why does it take 90-150 seconds to get a DHCP Reservation address and go online - TCL Roku TV

I don't think a couple of routers advertising on the network would be a problem, but 2 DHCP servers, really? EDIT: I misread that, sorry.

How long between ping -t response and the TCL reporting "connected"? 

Are both IPv4 and v6 addresses eventually configured, correctly? You mention DHCP; are you also using DHCPv6, or SLAAC with stateless DHCP or RDNSS? 

Delete any wi-fi info for any AP's it may have connected to, then see if a wired connection completes quicker. (Roku ultras will prefer the wired connection on boot even if wifi is selected. The wired connection has to be disconnected for wifi to be used on boot. I have a googletv dongle that will not connect to either when both are available, either wifi needs to be turned off or the RJ45 needs to be disconnected).

With wifi info deleted and RJ45 disconnected, turn on the TV and start a ping -t [ipaddress]. Wait 5  minutes and if no device with a static address responds, plug in the ethernet cable and see how long it takes for a response now that it's definitely finished booting. Maybe it just takes a long time to boot and the network connection has nothing to do with this.

And swap that cable with another device to see if the trouble moves with it.

Try  TCL Support


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Reel Rookie

Re: Why does it take 90-150 seconds to get a DHCP Reservation address and go online - TCL Roku TV

Thanks - I'll try clearing the WiFi and see if that helps, but I don't think I ever used this TV with WiFi.

* Astute or psychic? 🙂 Technically, I do have 2 DHCP servers, but it's unrelated to this. There is a guest VLAN directly connected to a firewall port and the firewall hands out DHCP to that subnet - zero access to my network, and that's where the Amazon device lives. 😉 

I do not run IPv6 anywhere. DHCP (on Windows Server 2022) only has V4 enabled. Cisco core switch has V6 disabled. I have no static IP devices in the workstations VLAN except for the media server (.252) and a Plex server (.253). Servers are on a separate VLAN and are all static. DHCP scope in the Workstations VLAN is, with addresses 16-31 excluded for DHCP Reservations. There are 8 reservations - my PC, an HD-HomeRun receiver, a printer, and 5 Roku devices, including the TV.  Cisco switch handles IP Helper (DHCP relay) natively.

I've also confirmed that the port that the TV - like all other Roku devices - is configured only for the Workstations VLAN. The PCs are configured with dual Workstation/Voice VLANs and are connected through Cisco 7900 series phones. The TV does get its assigned reservation. Cable was swapped with a brand-new cable, and both cables pass a cable test.

Just seems odd that this one device seems to have issues. I'm used to turning on one of the other TVs, which turns on the USB-powered Roku and I can connect as soon as the Roku menu comes up. Even more strange that there doesn't seem to be a distinction between cold power cycle and warm power on. Roku Menu appears, wait 90 seconds, then "connected".


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