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Reel Rookie

Same network, phone app doesn't work now

I'm having this exact same problem. Both my roku and phone are on same wifi. I entered the ip address manually on the roku app....exactly and it says no roku device found! I've restarted both devices and still the exact ip address says it does not exist despite being right in front of me on the screen. I've never had any issues before up until now. Even more frustrating is it only seems to be able to connect to eachother if one is on the 5g network and the other on 2g. This makes zero sense since the 2g and 5g are on seperate SSIDs. My phone cannot be on 2g bevause that's horribly slow and Mt TV keeps telling me to switch networks because the 2g signal is so poor. So why is ir that neither of the two can connect to eachother when they are both on the 5g network? This is also is the case woth youtube and any casting for that matter. None of it works unless my phone and TV are on opposite networks.... and I cannot afford either to be running on 2g. 

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Re: Same network, phone app doesn't work now

Hi @xNebula

Thank you for the post!

If your Roku devices are refusing to connect to your WiFi network but other devices in your home can, there are a few steps you may do to troubleshoot and remedy the issue.

First, make sure you're using the correct WiFi network name and password when configuring your Roku devices. Check the information again to be sure there are no typos or errors.

If that does not work, consider relocating your Roku devices closer to the router, as a poor WiFi signal may be preventing them from connecting. You can also reset your router by unplugging it for at least 30 seconds and then reconnecting it.

Your ISP may have adopted security measures that block some devices from connecting to the network in specific instances. Contacting your ISP may assist you in finding the source of the problem and addressing it. Contacting your ISP may be helpful in determining the cause of the problem and resolving the issue.

We hope it helps!

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Reel Rookie

Re: Same network, phone app doesn't work now

They have zero issue connecting. As stated, it will only work when one or the other device is on 2g while the other is on the 5g (seperate ssid). When my tv is on the 5g network and my phone is also on the same 5 network, roku app will absolutely not connect to the tv and the ip address I manually put in says does not exist despite being the exact same as shown on the roku tv. So once again, there is no issue whatsoever connecting to networks. Only that the roku app will absolutely not work if the tv and phone are on same network....which again, makes zero sense. My tv is too slow on 2g and my phone is also too slow on 2g. Tv asks me to swotch to 5g, but the roku app will not recognize the tv unless my phone then switches to 2g while tv is 5g OR tv is 2g and my phone is 5g (seperate ssid). 

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