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Roku tv won’t connect to wifi

My Roku tv has been working fine when I first got it then about 4 months ago it randomly stopped connecting to the internet. Every other tv in my house connects to my spectrum router except for my Roku tv. Everytime I try to connect, it says “try scanning again if your network is not shown.” And when I press scan again, the wireless scan screen shows up for a quick second then leaves and nothing happens. I don’t have a private network. My Xbox is connected to the wifi perfectly fine, but when I go to the Roku screen, I can’t watch any streaming services on it. I’ve resettled my router and factory reset my tv already, and nothing has changed. Any ideas?

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku tv won’t connect to wifi

It's possible that the Wi-Fi unit has failed in the TV, or the antenna wires have come disconnected. It's unusual, but possible. Or that where the TV is has poor signal. If you already factory reset the TV with no improvement (or at least reset the network settings) you may be stuck,

If you can give different names to the 2GHz and 5GHz SSIDs, try with different names and see if one of the two radios will work.

Otherwise, you may need to buy a "Travel Router" to plug into the wired connection and use that router to make the Wi-Fi connection. Any old router or access point than can be configured as a "wireless bridge" will do that job.

You can open the TV id you are handy and inspect the antenna wires. Assuming it uses wires - it may just use an antenna printed on the circuit board. I don't know which model Roku TV you have, 

Moving to a wired connection is probably the most expedient fix.