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Roku stick not connecting to remote and wifi not working

Tried to find a similar post to my issue but struggled.

Every so often my Roku stick plays up and stops responding to the remote and to the wifi. Sometimes changing the remote batteries works, but this time nothing seems to have fixed it.

I've factory reset the stick, and it kept finding my router but then failing to connect once I put the password in. Once it connected (after 6 or 7 tries), it worked for about 3 minutes before Netflix began buffering (always stuck on 0%) and the Roku stopped responding to the remote again. It begins responding again sometimes but never lasts long enough to watch anything. When I'm using apps, it will stop responding to the remote altogether - when it does this, I can still use the volume buttons, but none of the others, and my Roku app on my phone can't find my Roku device on the network.

Anything I can do? I've reset the router and I can't move it or the TV/Roku stick, and considering this is only a problem sometimes I don't think the distance is the issue. 

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Re: Roku stick not connecting to remote and wifi not working

There's a few things you can try:

  • The first is to ensure you're using the supplied USB power adapter and not the TV's USB port.  An insufficient power supply can cause all kinds of strange problems.
  • Sticks support both 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.  If you're using one, try the other.
  • Don't use "Auto" as your router's channel setting on either band.  Choose a channel and stick with it.
  • Order the HDMI extension cable from https://my.roku.com/HDMI or save yourself the hassle of dealing with a Roku website and just buy one for a few bucks.

The TV control buttons really have nothing to do with the stick and as you've noticed they can work while the remote connection to the stick does not.  It doesn't indicate anything about the functioning of the remote or the stick other than, yes, the batteries are inserted.

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