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Connecting Roku ultra to Win 11 notebook using HDMI cable and Wi-Fi

Am trying to use Wi-Fi a Roku Ultra to a current technology HP Win 11 notebook using HDMI cable. The network is fine. The Roku appears in device manager and as a streaming device but it will not connect to the network or otherwise connect to the computer. I have tried EVERY documented suggestion without success. I can pair the remote with the Roku and the Roku appears to respond but it will never connect to the network or with a Wi-Fi Direct connection. Eventually the Roku and the remote lose their connection though the Rolu device remains warm. Must I connect something to either the ethernet or USB port? What am I missing or doing wrong? Or is the connection I am trying to make impossible? None of the suggested fixes can even be attempted.

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Re: Connecting Roku ultra to Win 11 notebook using HDMI cable and Wi-Fi


What exactly are you trying to do? Have you connected the ROKU to the computer via HDMI? I don't think that will work. I have yet to see a computer with an HDMI connection that will work as an input. If I am mistaken please explain exactly what you are doing.