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AirPlay from my roku not showing up on my iPhone

Hi, I own a Roku Ultra, a Roku TV and a Roku Premiere. All of a sudden, my Roku Ultra and My Roku TV are not showing up on my iPhone to connect with AirPlay. It is weird as it is still working well with my Roku Premiere.

Every devices were and are still connected to the same wifi network

So, I check all roku and my phone are up to date. I rebooted my roku and my phone. Didn't work.

So, I rebooted my router, my roku and my phone. It didn't work.

So, I did a factory reset on my roku... It did not work.

I check on blogs and support from Roku and Apple and I didn't find anything to help me.

Then, I'm trying to contact Roku support for the last 3 hours. They must be off by now.

Anybody can help me?