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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Roku Community Guidelines

We’re all about streaming and helping people enjoy the entertainment they love. Here in the Community, we are focused on helping our customers connect, find answers, and engage one another in a respectful, safe, and supportive environment. Whether you’re a new streamer or a seasoned pro, we believe everyone has something to contribute!

Please be respectful while engaging in the Community. We have a no-tolerance policy for any behavior that violates our Community Guidelines, disrupts the positive spirit of the Community, is rude, inappropriate, or offensive. Be sure to review our policies and feel free to report any activity that violates our terms. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Community Manager or one of our moderators for more help. If any guidelines are violated, you may lose access to the Community at Roku’s discretion.

  1. Usernames - Roku employees and moderators will identify themselves in the Community by using the Roku logo as their avatar image in their user profile. The use of any Roku logo, name, or trademark by a non-employee in an avatar or username is not allowed. Please do not use any inappropriate or offensive language or information in your username or profile.
  2. Before posting or creating a new topic, search for an existing topic that discusses your issue. Multiple topics created for the same issue make it hard for Community members to locate helpful solutions. You can also search for Roku Support articles for more information at support.roku.com.
  3. Post your question or issue to only one topic. Duplicate posts may be removed at any time at the discretion of the Roku Community Team.
  4. Post topics only in the appropriate board or section. Avoid discussing topics unrelated to Roku products or services. Off-topic posts may be removed or deleted.
  5. Please stay on topic and do not discuss multiple issues within a single topic. Only post relevant comments or questions on a topic (for example, please do not post a Roku TV-specific issue on a topic for a Roku Player-specific issue). When replying to a topic, respond only to the issue or question. Do not cross-post content from other sites; create a new topic for your issue if one does not already exist. You may include links as a reference only. 
  6. In general, if a topic thread is more than six months old, please start a new topic instead of posting on an outdated thread. (This does not apply to Developer topics, Roku Legacy Products topics, or topics created by channel creators regarding their channel).
  7. Do not post topics or links that advertise products, apps or services. Roku Channel Developers and creators may post topics discussing channels available on Roku.
  8. Never post any personally identifiable, private, or sensitive information publicly, including passwords or payment information. Community content is visible to all Community members.
  9. You must have full legal rights or consent for any content you post within the Community. Content rights complaints should be reported to a Community team member. Discussions of any Legal action against Roku or its partners are prohibited. 
  10. Do not post links to malware, trojan viruses, or any type of malicious tools. Any violation will result in loss of access to the Community.
  11. Roku will not tolerate spam posts. This behavior will result in loss of access to the Community.  
  12. Be kind, courteous, and positive when posting. The Community exists to help users. Posting abusive, obscene, harassing, hostile, defamatory, offensive, tortious, argumentative, inappropriate or otherwise objectionable content may result in loss of access to the Community. Roku reserves the right to remove any content at its discretion. 
  13. Discussions regarding any usage of VPNs to circumvent established regional broadcast rules or limitations are not allowed in the Community. Any topic or comment posted regarding the use of a VPN, or any circumvention of applicable limitations, will be removed at Roku's discretion.
  14. Discussions of rooting or hacking a Roku device is prohibited and will be removed. This behavior will result in loss of access to the Community.
  15. While Roku encourages third party (private) development, please be aware that we do not support these types of channels. Roku is not responsible or liable for any private, non-certified or unofficial channel, and use of these channels is at your own risk. Because private channels are not supported, your thread may be locked and/or deleted if it violates Roku's Terms. Private channel issues, questions, and disputes must be directed to the channel developer.

For more information, visit Roku Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy

If you find a channel that is actively participating in any copyright infringement or illegal activity, please report this channel in accordance with the Roku Terms and Conditions.

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