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"Really" remote control (control devices over internet/long physical distance)

My parents are a little less technically inclined and live in a different state. And like many folks who grew up with 4 channels and rabbit ears they tend to struggle with "Smart" TV controls. Even minor changes to the interface after a software update can cause a panicked phone call. But! They still really want to watch the shows and enjoy the entertainment these devices provide.

I'd like to suggest an app feature that allows trusted users to be able to remotely control a Roku device over the Internet in addition to local network/wifi. I envision pairing w/the local device when I visit to create a connection, then when I get home and I receive a call for help from them, I could go right in with my phone and set them up again. The phone app would basically reflect what's on screen, and I'd be able to control and troubleshoot it as needed with the app.

I've heard similar desires from friends who have parents in assisted living facilities - they often have 'smart' tvs available too, but it's really difficult for folks w/limited mobility or memory issues to figure out how to navigate and search for a beloved show. If the kids could do it for them, even if they're not right there in the room, that'd be pretty cool.

Anyway, if this feature doesn't already exist somewhere - it'd sure be awesome to have for a Roku!

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