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Video games using smart phone controller

I created something called Group Games with Pirate vs Undead with up to 48 players on 1 big cinema screen. See video below. The website is not in effect any more but the playing is relevant.

Now Roku could support and create these types of games. They would be perfect for home and out of home like cinema experiences. Players will quickly adopt phone controller once they see how good it is. I created after being CEO of Palace Cinemas in Central Europe. It's a way to allow all players to have a great experience rather than the one stream projected on big screen. There's all kinds of opportunities. Once shown to work, there are many big games that could have this type of arena format.


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Re: Video games using smart phone controller

The potential for Roku to support these types of games is intriguing. Home and out-of-home gaming experiences could be a game-changer. I totally agree that once folks try phone controllers, they'll realize how slick they are. Your background as the CEO of Palace Cinemas adds a unique perspective to this venture.
I've been on a Counter-Strike binge lately, especially since I stumbled upon the CS2 skins marketplace. It's rekindled my love for the game! CS2 offers a fresh take on the classic, and I can't get enough of it.

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